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You and your children will be taught and cared for by a number of people. All staff have enhanced CRB disclosure.

DCJC and Schola Exe are directed by Mrs Rachel Smith assisted on occasion by Michael Graham.

Rachel Smith

Rachel is the Head of Junior Music at The Maynard School, Exeter and is an experienced teacher school teacher, highly regarded for her musical work with children. Rachel, herself a former member of the National Youth Choir and several Devon County music ensembles, is a well established performer in piano, choral and solo singing. She is also the Conductor of the Yellow Choir (children aged 9 - 11 years) of the National Children's Choir of Great Britain.

Rachel conducts the full DCJC choir and the Girls' Choir. Rachel was appointed the Musical Director of RMB Chivenor Military Wives' Choir in September 2012.
Photo of Rachel Smith

DCJC Parent Helpers:
Lisa Arnold
Manuela Barreto
Heidi Bate
Alex Brownlow
Matt Cann
Nikki Cann
Simon Court
Nikki Cross-Court
Fiona Morris

Schole Exe Parent Helpers:
Clare Benson
Stefanie Hastie
Maggie Tamblin (Choir Photographer)

Outreach Committee:
Andrew Downton (Musical Director of the Chorister Outreach Programme) *
James Featherstone (Headmaster, Exeter Cathedral School)
Timothy Noon (Director of Music, Exeter Cathedral) *
Ken Parr (Director of Devon Music Service)
Rachel Smith (Head of Junior Music, The Maynard School, Exeter)
Vicky Thurtell (Precentor, Exeter Cathedral)

     * these staff also accompany DCJC and Schola Exe and on occasions will conduct.