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The application forms to join DCJC can be found by clicking HERE
and Schola Exe HERE

On receipt of your application form, Andrew will contact you and make the necessary arrangements for your child's first practice with the choir.

A high level of commitment is sought following a simple voice test, which takes place as soon as possible after your child has attended his or her first choir practice. The test consists of some simple voice and ear tests and singing a song.

Following a successful voice test, new members undergo a probationary term in which his/her suitability for DCJC/Schola Exe is monitored. This is not exclusively musical; a good grasp of choral discipline is expected and a responsible attitude towards his/her own learning as well as others. Behaviour and interaction with other members of the choir is also considered. We would expect most members to successfully complete this and if there is any cause for concern, this will be communicated to the child and his/her parents so that issues can be addressed. Occasionally, however, it becomes clear that DCJC/Schola Exe is not the right environment for a particular child and withdrawal from the choir is required. Please note that membership of DCJC/Schola Exe is solely at the music staff's discretion and they reserve the right to request the withdrawal of a child at any time.

The choir is entirely financially dependent upon grants and donations. If your child is successful in gaining a place in DCJC/Schola Exe, you will be given further details about the choir, including how to make donations.

It is possible to join at any time, not just at the start of a term or a school year, so you don't need to wait to apply or join, you can do so now!