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9th May 2009 - DCJC & Cornwall Junior Choir joint concert in Truro Cathedral

At 100 years old, Truro Cathedral is relatively young, but it's very beautiful and the acoustics are fantastic.



The poster that CJC produced to advertise our joint concert.

DCJC & CJC joined together as one big choir to sing several pieces with Mr Hayward conducting.



Mrs Smith conducted and Mr Downton accompanied us as we opened our section of the concert with "Sailing."


Audio clip of "SAILING" (Click the speaker on the left to hear it).

Cornwall Junior Choir took our places in the audience to listen to us sing - we all enjoyed their performance and they all seemed to enjoy ours too.

Audio clip of "GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK" (Click the speaker on the left to hear it).

DCJC & CJC joined together again for some pieces with Mrs Smith conducting.




Audio clip of "WE ARE THE YOUNG" (Click the speaker on the left to hear it).

CJC made us feel very welcome; it was a great chance to make new friends.

Audio clip of "TOP OF THE WORLD" (Click the speaker on the left to hear it).